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Innovative solutions for modern access, work-at-height and rescue challenges.

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We work wherever you do - in dangerous or challenging access areas - including confined spaces, at dizzying heights and everywhere in between.  Our Technical Rescue teams work to provide the safest and fastest rescues, regardless of the situation. With our stand-by teams on site, we are able to ensure your workers are safe and rescue is immediately available,  anywhere they work.

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Training is twice as expensive as production - at least. Ensuring they get the most relevant and tailored training possible will maximize your return on investment. Our internationally certified team of rescue technicians and safety consultants provide a wide variety of standard and customized services to ensure the best tailored results for your business, work site, or project.


Access challenges exist on every work site and project. Our team of rope and rescue professionals works with our clients to reduce their access challenges and increase the safety and efficiency for the work being completed. If your project involves access problems, we have your solution.

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When it comes to access, work-at-height and confined space, there is a lot to know to do it safely and ensure due diligence has been done.  Our project managers discuss your goals, priorities and timelines to ensure you're presented the best possible solution. Common outputs include: hazard assessments, rescue plans, COR safety program development and audits, and equipment and resource management.


There's always something new around the corner. If you found this part of the website looking to see if we're the right solution for your project - we probably are. Get in touch, we'd be happy to discuss your project with you.

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Does it sound like we’d be a good fit? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us and let’s get started.

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