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Innovative on-site service and training solutions for modern access, work-at-height and rescue challenges.

Climbing in the engine room of the capsized MV Golden Ray.


Stand-by rescue services  encompass a comprehensive range of specialized on-site rescue solutions tailored for confined spaces, high-angle environments, and various tasks necessitating immediate rescue capabilities. Our highly trained team, proficient with advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, ensures worker safety and swift intervention in the most challenging work scenarios.

Fire Fighter Rescue Training.
Industrial Rescue Team Training.


Training Services at Voyageur Technical are meticulously designed to empower trainees with essential skills and knowledge crucial for workplace safety and effective rescue operations.

Offering realistic training programs customizable to specific work environments, we equip workers with the expertise needed to handle potential workplace or rescue tasks efficiently on-site, fostering a culture of preparedness and safety excellence.


 Voyageur Technical's Rope Access services are the pinnacle of versatile, safe, and efficient access solutions, catering to all sectors and industries. Seamlessly integrating with other trades and contractors, our specialized rope access teams provide unparalleled support, enabling access to challenging locations with precision and safety. Whether it's inspection, maintenance, or specialized work, our rope access services stand as the go-to solution, ensuring access where traditional methods fall short, while collaborating harmoniously with diverse trades for comprehensive project success.

Access and Rescue Training at IG Field, the home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Rappelling the ceiling of the capsized MV Golden Ray.


Safety, Access, and Rescue Consulting Services at Voyageur Technical epitomize support where you need it. We specialize in comprehensive due diligence, developing and implementing tailored deliverables, aligning client intent with project realities in high-risk work environments. Our consultancy offers strategic guidance and hands-on support, ensuring safety protocols are not just compliant but customized to the unique demands of each project. From risk assessments to program development and on-site support, we stand as a steadfast partner, dedicated to safeguarding your workforce and project success.


Change is constant, and so is our ability to adapt. If you're here scouting for the perfect solution for your project / problem, chances are, we've got what it takes.

Let's connect and dive into your project needs. We're not just willing to discuss—we're geared up to deliver the solutions you need.

Solutions that work.

Commercial Diving gear on barge deck.
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