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About Us

Voyageur Technical, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, leads the industry in multi-discipline rope access and technical rescue services. With an extensive network of team members and partners spanning across continents Europe and North America, we're committed to delivering unparalleled expertise, safety, and efficiency in every project we undertake.

Our Approach

What sets us apart is our commitment to assembling a team that embodies diversity, expertise, and adaptability. We proudly recruit talent from every industry, harnessing a spectrum of industry-specific trade skills that ensure unparalleled proficiency in every project we undertake.

Our Extensive Reach

Collaborating with a broad spectrum of clientele, including governments, commercial enterprises, industrial sectors, infrastructure/utilities, and manufacturing industries, we tailor our services to meet the unique demands of each sector.  Our unique position empowers us to extend our expertise seamlessly across all three coasts, ensuring expedited and efficient service delivery no matter the geographic distance or complexity of the terrain.

Multilingual Advantage

At Voyageur Technical, communication knows no barriers. Our multicultural team is fluent in six languages, ensuring seamless interaction and understanding across diverse landscapes and client demographics.

Why Choose Us

Expertise: Our team comprises industry veterans equipped with unparalleled and current experience.
Global Reach: Operating across continents, we deliver reliable services wherever you are.
Diversity and Adaptability: Our diverse team adapts to various industries and client needs with ease.
Efficiency: Strategically located in Winnipeg, our team travels to our clients to deliver the solutions that work.

At Voyageur Technical, we don't just provide services and training; we cultivate relationships, deliver excellence, and work with stakeholders to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Together, we can do anything. 


At Voyageur, our remarkable team is a tapestry of diverse talents, spanning dedicated project managers, skilled technicians, insightful consultants, invaluable partners, and unwavering supporters. Together, as a highly task-focused and interconnected network, we channel our shared passion for excellence, infusing each endeavor with expertise, innovation, and unwavering support from inception to completion.

Industrial Rescue Team Training.



At Voyageur, our instructors are distinguished by their extensive, current operational experience—a defining highlight for our learners. With backgrounds deeply rooted in real-world scenarios across diverse industries, our instructors offer invaluable insights, sharing firsthand knowledge that enriches the learning journey, empowering individuals to apply practical, up-to-date techniques and strategies in their respective fields.

Consulting on client site with safety management team.



Our versatile team travels extensively, delivering top-tier expertise and safety solutions wherever our projects take us. The value of teams on-site service is unparalleled, offering immediate, hands-on expertise and problem-solving capabilities that ensure real-time solutions that work.

Voyageur Technical recieves Award of Excellence from Dept of National Defence.



Over 50% of our team members are comprised of active or former NATO military or first responders. We deeply honor the dedication and sacrifice these individuals have made in service to their communities, and actively supporting them in return. With Voyageurs ownership dedicated to operational safety and empowering the value of team members and their multi-discipline backgrounds, Voyageur continues to provide supports for Veterans moving into the civilian work force. 

In 2019, our unwavering support for Domestic Operations earned us the national 'Award of Excellence' from the federal government, recognizing our contributions in forest firefighting in BC, flood fighting in Manitoba, Arctic Operations, Safety Training, and Reservist Employment support.

Image by Yente Van Eynde


At Voyageur Technical, we are driven by the goal of bringing unparalleled customer service and safety to high-risk work environments by pioneering innovative Solutions That Work. We are multi-discipline rope work experts with diverse individual backgrounds, culminating in an incredibly powerful and capable team of professionals dedicated to the mission at hand.  

We look for individuals who are motivated to bring their best to work everyday - people that want to be their best and work with colleagues committed to continuous improvement. No one starts at 'expert mode', but we all start somewhere - rock climbing, rope access, sky diving, scuba or hard-hat diving, mountaineering, military rope work, fire rescue/first responders, arborists, utility linemen / tower workers, helicopter operations, workplace health and safety, etc, etc. and...we learn and develop from there.

Our people have worked around the globe providing solutions in every type of environment imaginable, and that experience is invaluable. Let's talk about where you want to go and what you want to do with your skills and experience. 

We're always looking for new talent and the best possible solution for todays mission - is that you? If you're interested in learning more, please contact us with your cover letter and resume. We'll get back to you. 


The Voyageur Technical Team

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